OUR HOME CHURCH: On Thursday, April 10, 2007 a dream of ours became a reality as we began to worship the Lord in our home with other Arab believers! It was a wonderful day for our family and church community, one that we marked with a great celebration! This congregation is comprised of people we had worshipped and done ministry with for many years. We received requests repeatedly from this community to start a home church.  After praying about this for two years, we planted this church. Arabic Home ChurchMost of our congregants came out various denominations and they are committed to this church. Our vision for this church is that this will be a house of prayer for all nations and a place of true fellowship.

Later that same year, on September 16, 2007, we began to offer an English worship service as well.  The inspiration for this meeting came from our son, Paul. Paul studied music in South Africa, and during that time served as a worship leader in both English and Arabic. He felt impressed upon by the Lord to continue on in this way upon his return to Bethlehem. One of our other sons, Daniel, attended a bible college in the United States and he also serves as a worship leader for our Arabic and English services. We have another son, Samuel, who has also been heavily involved the establishment of this ministry; he too serves as a worship leader for both our Arabic and English services.  This meeting is attended by a more international crowd, and our vision for the English service is to provide a stable place for worship and spiritual growth for people serving in our region, either on a short-term or a long-term basis. Our sons have a real understanding of the need that a visitor here might have to be able to worship in his/her native language.

Our Arabic worship service is Saturday, 5:00 pm. Our English service is Sunday at 5:00 pm.