About Us

We are a Palestinian Christian family that has lived in Bethlehem for 40 years. We came here November 2, 1970, and one year later my wife and I came to the Lord after seeing God miraculously heal my daughter. We have been serving our Lord Jesus Christ since that time.

On December 10, 1969, my daughter, Hanan, was born with a dislocated leg. As a result, one of her legs was shorter than the other leg by 2.5 inches! Around this time, my wife’s aunt, a born again Christian, invited us to visit her church in Jerusalem. With great hope, we made the trip to Jerusalem, praying that God would hear our cries for help and heal our daughter’s leg. At the end of the meeting, the Pastor made an Altar Call for all those seeking healing. My wife and I went forward with our baby daughter, believing that God could heal her. At that time, my wife experienced a profound sense of the presence of God.  After the meeting, we went home and as my wife was fitting our baby daughter with a special boot, the Lord spoke to her, asking “If you believe that I have healed your daughter, why are putting that special boot on her?” This voice continued to shine in her heart the entire night. The following morning I was compelled to call my aunt to request that she come to our home and minister to us and share the gospel. She came and she shared her Christian faith with us. We later attended another service at her church. At this service, several of the congregants prayed for my daughter and anointed her with oil. Instantly she was healed. It was at that time that we surrendered our hearts and our lives to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We later took our daughter to the doctor to confirm that she had been healed. The doctor had originally scheduled this appointment because he believed that our daughter needed surgery on her leg. As he prepared to take an x-ray, my wife proclaimed that Jesus had healed my daughter’s leg. Initially, the doctor was very skeptical, but the x-ray results confirmed that my daughter’s leg was completely healed! This Muslim doctor ended up praising my wife for her wonderful faith in Jesus!

Since then, the Lord has continued to work mightily in our lives–healing, teaching, and directing us–and performing miracles! I also want to mention that after we received the Lord into our lives and experienced His joy, we began to pray for our families and God has saved both of my wife’s brothers and one of them is even now a pastor! Maron, who is ministering in our home church, is an ordained pastor.  Both of my wife’s parents also came to know the Lord, and each one of our five children is serving our Lord Jesus Christ today as well.